Gov. Chris Christie: “Don’t Be Stupid. Get Out”


christieWith Hurricane Sandy poised to make a direct hit on New Jersey, Gov. Chris Christie on Sunday issued a typically blunt warning to those thinking of riding it out in low-lying coastal areas: “Don’t be stupid. Get out.”

The storm was still hundreds of miles away, but was already making its approach known to New Jersey on Sunday with high winds, rough surf and coastal flooding as thousands of people fled to what they hoped would be safer ground.

Christie, who famously urged New Jersey residents last year to “get the h— off the beach” as Hurricane Irene approached, urged residents of the state’s narrow barrier islands to move to higher ground. He predicted the storm would come ashore somewhere between Toms River and Atlantic City.

Sandy was just one component of a massive storm predicted to come together over the eastern third of the U.S., threatening damaging wind, possible record-setting flooding and prolonged power outages. Christie ordered the evacuations of all Atlantic City casinos, and New York City announced it would be shutting down its mass transit system.

Christie on Sunday asked President Barack Obama to issue a pre-landfall emergency declaration that would qualify New Jersey for reimbursement actions it took to get ready for the storm.

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  1. Correct: Don’t be stupid Just GET OUT of the United States of America a. s. a. p. so you can arrive on time to Israel before it’s to late for us to do so.

    Even Gov.Chris Christie on Sunday issued a typically blunt warning to those americans who live in NJ “”GET OUT””.

    It’s a clear message from Hashem simple “”””GET OUT””” it’s not a joke!!!

    Why is everything already shut down on a Sunday afternoon? the bad weather has not hit us yet? there is plenty of time left to see how the storm develops, if need to they can shut down later too.

    Rabosei: there is no food left on the shelves no flashlights no batteries etc.I feel very funny and uncomputable repeating myself but I feel that Hashem is begging us to take advantage of the little time left to save our selves.


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