Gov. Corzine Visits Lakewood, Says He’s Committed $100 Million to Widening Route 9

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corzineGovernor Jon Corzine paid a visit to Lakewood, NJ, today, meeting with local askanim at the The School for Children With Hidden Intelligence (SCHI). In attendance at the meeting were Lakewood Committeeman Meir Lichtenstein; Rabbi Aaron Kotler, Chief Executive Officer of Beth Medrash Govoha; Rav Shmuel Blech, rov of Cong. Anshei Sfard; Rabbi Shmuel Lefkowitz of NJ Hand; Rabbi Osher Eisemann, founder of SCHI, and other askanim and local residents.

The Governor gave a special greeting to Rebbetzin Rishel Kotler, wife of the rosh yeshiva, Rav Shneur Kotler zt”l.

The Governor spoke about various issues of importance to the Lakewood community. One of these matters is the widening of Route 9 South/River Avenue, which is currently a one-way thoroughfare in each direction and suffers from serious congestion on a daily basis.

The Governor has not given a timetable for the possible widening of the road, but said that he has committed $100 million in state funding toward the project.

At a recent Lakewood Township Committee meeting, Lakewood Mayor Bob Singer related that Trenton had committed to widening Route 9 and creating two lanes in each direction south of Lake Carasaljo.

Other plans for Route 9 in Lakewood include the installation of left-hand turning lanes on Madison Avenue between First Street and County Line Road.

The exact timetable for the actual widening of Route 9 South is dependent on a number of factors, including a number of expected legal hurdles. The project can possibly begin as early as the end of 2010.

While Corzine visited Lakewood, his rival, his Republican Chris Christie, was in Toms River for a campaign rally. That event was attended by Lakewood Deputy Mayor Steven Langert.

Corzine’s visit to Lakewood comes as he appears to be gaining momentum in his bid to be reelected as New Jersey’s governor. He has taken the lead away from Christie in another poll. Corzine now has 43 to 38 percent lead among likely voters in the Quinnipiac University poll that was released today. Independent candidate Christopher Daggett, who had been gaining momentum in some other recent polls, has 13 percent, with 5 percent undecided.

The latest numbers stand in stark contrast to early September, when Christie had a 10-point lead, as he hammered away at Corzine on taxes and corruption. Since then, Christie’s lead eroded to just one point in the poll two weeks ago, likely the result of relentless negative ads by Corzine, an assist from President Obama, and the rise of third party challenger Chris Daggett.
While many voters expressed displeasure over Corzine’s negative campaigning, he appears to be winning on trust, with 46 to 44 percent responding that Corzine is “honest and trustworthy,” according to the poll. In this category, this is Corzine’s best score to date. Just 37 percent of New Jersey voters say the same thing about Christie.

The poll was conducted between October 20 and 26.

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  1. a vote for corzine is a vote for the same old story all you have to do is make promises and you get the jewish vote wake up jews and smell the coffee vote for Christie

  2. A vote for Corzine is not a vote for higher taxes, it is a vote for a man who has done all he can in the current economic crisis. Christie is full of hot air.

  3. School vouchers will not happen under Christie, and neither will the widening of Route 9. However under Corzine at least we will be able to get quicker through town.

  4. Agudath Israel of NJ is of the opinion that vouchers are within reach and are a legitimate goal for the tzibbur, one which will make a measurable, positive difference in lives of all families in our community – R’ Josh Pruzansky has been widely quoted on the subject (Yated, Hamodia, Shopper, Voice, Matzav, etc.).

  5. With all due respect to all the “endorsers”. The bottom line is, with Gov. Corzine your tax bill will be higher than with Christie. Period.

    Who invented the idea that the widening of Rt. 9 is the focal point of this election?

    He “put away” 100 million dollars for the project? Who’s money? His own?

    We are squeezed and squeezed for higher taxes for all his”projects” that he promises all over the state.

    Enough is enough. Vote for the man who AT LEAST CLAIMS he will try to lower taxes!

  6. rabboisei its time to vote for Your interest and that of the tzibbur not what some self appointed askanim with special interests tell you to do. Its time to end the corruptionand send a message to stop stealing our tax dollars and keep on raising it by endorsing politicans that will benefit a few yechidim!! ..HOW DARE YOU SAY THAT VOUCHERS ARE NOT WITHIN REACH???? WHAT CHUTZPAH!!!

  7. And this 100 million – coming from where exactly? Higher taxes? How about commiyying that kind of money to OUR schools – we’re already overpaying for THEIRS?

  8. Sorry Corzine. Your cheap shot at bribery will NOT make you get my vote. I sure hope we vote your sorry liberal “you know what” out of office. Besides, I take New Hampshire instead of Rt 9 South.


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