Government Posts Biggest Monthly Deficit Ever


deficit-stop-spendingThe federal government posted its largest monthly deficit in history in February at $223 billion, according to preliminary numbers the Congressional Budget Office released this morning.

That figure tops last February’s record of $220.9 billion, and marks the 29th straight month the government has run in the red – a modern record. The last time the federal government posted even a monthly surplus was September 2008, just before the financial collapse.

Last month’s federal deficit is nearly four times as large as the spending cuts House Republicans have passed in their spending bill, and is more than 30 times the size of Senate Democrats’ opening bid of $6 billion.

Senators are slated to vote this week on those two proposals – both of which are expected to fail – and then all sides will go back to the negotiating table to try to work out a final deal.

{The Washington Times/ Newscenter}


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