Governor Murphy Announces State Efforts to Increase School Safety in New Jersey

Governor Phil Murphy today announced that his administration is making a coordinated effort with state law enforcement agencies and the New Jersey Legislature to improve school safety in the state in the wake of the Parkland, Florida school shooting. 
“Nearly one week has passed since 17 innocent lives were taken during the mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School,” Governor Murphy said. “Enough is enough. While state actions cannot replace the federal reforms that are needed, student safety comes first in New Jersey.”
Governor Murphy announced that law enforcement agencies in New Jersey will make a coordinated effort to improve inter-agency communication and awareness of individuals who potentially pose heightened safety risks. To assess and improve those reporting systems, the Attorney General’s Office announced that they will undertake a comprehensive review of the current reporting systems available to students and other state residents. That review will assess how current leads are followed up on by law enforcement, an effort to avoid possible dangers falling through the cracks. 
Attorney General Gurbir Grewal also announced that his office will review New Jersey’s school safety directives to ensure that the state’s policies are at the national forefront. 


  1. That would be a great Idea, for each state should take care of their own school safety and not worry what the major government was going to do. If each state took the initiative to protect their schools in the way they only can most shootings would not occur, but all wait to hear what the major agencies will say is wasting time and effort and money that is why there are 50 states and 50 self protecting governments to do what is locally needed.


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