Governors Pulling National Guard Troops From DC Over Poor Sleeping Conditions

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Republican governors are pulling their National Guard troops sent to Washington D.C. for Joe Biden’s inauguration back home after images of troops sleeping on cold floors spread across social media.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis ordered the Florida National Guard troops sent to the Capitol back home – and blamed Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi for their horrible sleeping conditions.

“Last night, I ordered our Adjutant General to bring Florida National Guard soldiers home from the National Capital Region,” DeSantis tweeted early Friday morning, but he didn’t hide his distaste for the House Speaker.

“They are soldiers,” DeSantis said on Fox. “They are not Nancy Pelosi’s servants.”

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  1. I’m shocked that we haven’t heard any condemnation from our commander in chief, the honorable Joe Biden. Joe honors and is very concerned for our National Guard. I’m equally shocked that our wonderful media in the press room haven’t asked Jen Psaki about it. If President Trump was the POTUS, we would never hear the end of the constant drumbeat of criticism coming out of CNN, msnbc, NY Times, etc etc.

  2. Good for you Governor DeSantis, probably one of the top 3 governors in the US (I would include the governor of Texas (Greg Abbott) and South Dakota (Kristi Noem)(and I live in NY)

    • Ha ha ha. Idoit. This is YOUR commander in chief and HIS responsibility. Why would you try such an immature deflection of responsibility? Is your priviliged WHITE draft dodger not capable of managing anything?! Aren’t you proud that you voted for this giant of a man? Are you proud that YOUR party selected the best of the best to be their candidate?!

  3. DeSantis’ remarks were highly insulting toward Pelosi, and if Pelosi doesn’t call for impeachment proceedings to commence immediately against DeSantis for his highly insensitive, incendiary remarks, I will introduce the impeachment resolution myself!

  4. this is dumb they are signed up to defend this nation. and sleeping on the floor for a few days is terrible sleeping conditions? what about the soldiers serving in combat positions sleeping on the floor in places under fire? baloney excuse. this was done to stick their finger in bidens eye


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