GQ: Obama Least Influential Celeb

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obama4Ouch. People like to blame Matzav for being anti President Barack Obama. But this isn’t Matzav’s ranking. This comes from GQ.

GQ magazine included President Obama on its list of least influential celebrities in 2013, ranking him at 17. Conceding that “congressional Republicans are the worst,” GQ wrote that “nothing gets done” in the administration despite Obama’s speeches promising the contrary.

Coming in first on the magazine’s list was faux diplomat Dennis Rodman, followed by disgraced chef Paula Deen, and fallen-from-grace politician Anthony Weiner. Read more at The New York Post.

{Andy Newscenter}


  1. Nonsense. He serves his insurance industry masters awesomely. He, not they, carries the moral obliquity of releasing them from obligations to their insured, and hefting their rates to their desired profit level. The “privates” will run the equivalent of a single-payer system. And when Uncle Joe takes over, the “privates” will run Social Security. He’s not as cagey as some of his predecessors (e.g. Saint Franklin D.), but then the public is stupider (number), and the politicians more mercenary than ever.


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