Grand Mufti Says Allah Won’t Accept Prayers Which Come Through a Zionist Metal Detector

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The Mufti of Jerusalem has issued a ruling for his congregants in response to newly added metal detectors at all nine gates in the Old City: Any Muslim who goes to the to pray at the Mosques via the Zionist metal detectors, their prayers will be “invalid” and not be received by Allah.

The metal detectors were installed as a security measure after last Friday’s fatal terrorist attack which saw 3 Arab terrorists using weapons they smuggled in and stored at the Mosques on the Har Habayis to shoot and kill 2 Israeli policeman.

Police in riot gear have been dispatched to keep the area safe of violent protests. Read more here



  1. All-ah is suddenly none-of-ah.
    Besides, that is only the opinion of brisk anger but the more patient answer by Mir and Dir is that it’s acceptable since their bakashos travel by sewer.

  2. This is why Judaism is powerful, because you can prayer anywhere, anytime, anyplace, etc.,etc. and guess what Hashem hears. Some times you don’t get what you want and it may be better or not, but it will be heard with or without metal detectors.


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