‘Grandfathering’ To No Longer Be Used Due To ‘Racist Origins’, Court Says


A Massachusetts appeals court says the term “grandfathering” will no longer be used in its decisions, citing its origin in post-Civil War laws that prevented Black people from exercising their right to vote.

A three-judge panel made the decision during a case involving a zoning feud between two neighbors in Gloucester. “Grandfathering” is often used to explain why new zoning rules do not apply to existing buildings.

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  1. The court is right. Sexist language also has no place in contemporary society.

    We will shift to using “grandpersoning.”

    And these language modifications shall be referred to as “grandstanding.”

    • They are right but for a different reason as well. The word grand is defined in Webster as “Having more importance than others”. Therefore the word is clearly racist as for many years whites believed themselves as better than blacks. One of the antonyms given is unimposing. I propose we call them unimposingpersons from now on.


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