Grandson Receives Holocaust Victims’ Menorah


menorah of a couple killed in the Holocaust has been returned to their grandson, the Jerusalem Post reports.

When Raphael and Alma Flatauer were killed in Auschwitz in 1943, their son, Hans, had already escaped to England, and another son, Kurt, had left Germany for Eretz Yisroel, leaving their parent’s menorah with a neighbor, Heinrich Grunge.

Decades later, two German reporters investigated why a grand villa was left dilapidated in an affluent suburb of the city of Osnabruck and discovered it had belonged to the Flatauers. They contacted Kurt’s son, Guri Palter, who visited the house.

Reading about Guri’s visit in a German paper, a granddaughter of the neighbor entrusted with the menorah, Roswitha Baumeister, contacted him and offered to give it back.

In a second trip to Osnabrück, Guri met Baumeister and received the treasured heirloom.




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