GRASPING AT STRAWS: Netanyahu Says Sa’ar Can Be PM 1st In 3-Way Deal With Bennett

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Faced with the immediate prospect of being ousted from office, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday made a last-ditch offer to New Hope party leader Gideon Sa’ar and Yamina chief Naftali Bennett in hopes of preventing them from forming a government with centrist and left-wing parties.

The Ynet news site cited sources in Yamina as saying that if Sa’ar accepts the offer, “a right-wing government will be formed.”

However, Sa’ar said in response that his party’s “position and commitment was, and remains, to replace the Netanyahu government,” adding that the proposal was “spin.” The Walla news site said that Sa’ar was under serious pressure from MK Ze’ev Elkin to accept the offer.

Bennett had been expected, following a faction meeting Sunday, to announce later in the day that he will back the formation of a coalition of the so-called “change bloc,” which would see him become prime minister in a power-sharing deal with Yesh Atid leader Yair Lapid.

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  1. I find it interesting that in the picture he is wearing a yarmulke. Maybe it finally stuck him that the רבונו של עולם , is the one who is in total control. And it is Him who is goizer every Siba that occurs in His universe.

  2. Me likes it!
    Bennet is less trustworthy than a fox! This keeps is a right wing fixture. How viable it is is another thing. But to give it to Lapid, Liberian and Bennet – oh gosh! This is a much better alternative!

  3. Some insiders claim his face is latex. The real one is gone (like Biden, Trudeau and European leaders). Actually looks like it on this picture and so does his hair.

    • You must deal with your problems once and for all. By avoiding your personal stresses and instead being reduced to writing gibberish kindergarten stupidity on the internet, certainly is not helping you. There are good therapists out there. Unfortunately they do charge a fortune. There may be a gemach that will help you with the payments. Hatzlacha.


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