GRAVE ADMISSION: Dr. Deborah Birx Admits She Deceived Trump To Push Covid Measures

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Dr. Deborah Birx, who served as the White House Coronavirus Response Coordinator under President Donald Trump, has admitted in a new book that she manipulated data and quietly altered CDC guidance without authorization, WND reports. In “Silent Invasion,” she confesses she “devised” a “strategic sleight-of-hand” method of reporting she described as “subterfuge.”

“This wasn’t the only bit of subterfuge I had to engage in,” she writes.

Birx insisted, contrary to the White House and the CDC, that the asymptomatic spread of COVID-19 was significant.

She says that “eight months into the pandemic, many at both the White House and the CDC still refused to see that silent spread played a prominent role in viral spread and that it started with social gatherings, especially among the younger adults.”

Birx opposed the advice of then-coronavirus adviser Dr. Scott Atlas to limit testing on the premise that asymptomatic transmission was minimal and not driving the pandemic. She and then CDC Director Robert Redfield “agreed to quietly rewrite the guidance and post it to the CDC website.”

“We would not seek approval. Because we were both quite busy, it might take a week or two, but we were committed to subverting the dangerous message that limiting testing was the right thing to do,” she writes.


  1. Dr. Birx is a rodef. She has blood on her hands. This is why only an imbecilic moron believes ANYTHING our evil corrupt government tells/commands us. Who makes up our government? It’s lowlife narcissistic grubby elitist reprobates!

    • Well if you take a second to realize what is said in this short article, you will realize she was actually CORRECT!
      Asymptomatic covid WAS a driver of the pandemic. She WAS promoting the truth.
      ANyone who disagrees with that is just being stupid.

      Say what you want about faci and trump and biden, I couldnt care less about that.
      But dont lose you sanity in the process.

  2. This is really scary because our entire healthcare apparatus rely on these agency’s words like gospel. Which meds to give & when. Which vaccines are safe and effective. Even which consumer products are safe.
    If they can blatantly make stuff up we have no one to trust. Scary in my opinion.

  3. There you go??
    So can you blame anyone else for no longer trusting the liars in our government?
    If that is the case, why are there still blind frum doctors giving the shot to anyone? Pushing the poison for children.. Wake up sheeple. Your own doctors believe the “take it already, what’s the big gedilla? It’s safe and effective, just take it already” lingo.
    Safe? A killer poisonous shot!
    Effective? Sure to bring on a heart attack and other adverse events to a once healthy individual.
    Extremely effective for de-population; which is the governments ultimate aim and goal because after all, the climate is more important than people’s lives……………..
    What a farkrumte velt; just like the novi says……………
    I for one, and for my children; it’s over!………no more vaccines. Done. Over with. I lost my trust.
    The schools won’t accept them without the vaccines? I’m not worried because more and more of our oilam is waking up and smelling the coffee.
    To the rest of you believers out there? OOROOO Yeshaynim Mishnaschem!

  4. I think she is a hero for doing whatever she had to do to promote public health against the interference of Trump, who is really the one with blood on his hands. Trump’ suggestions of injecting disinfectant or taking quack cures, and his inaction and promising that it will just disappear by itself, cost many lives. So while this report is not from a reliable source and is not to be taken at face value (WND is not a reputable news site; it is promoter of conspiracy theories and fake “news” stories), any public health professionals who did their jobs under the near-impossible conditions of working under an unfit President Trump interfering at every turn deserves a medal.

    • You’re a sick demented individual. Based on your previous posts, you are biased beyond reality. You are a complete partisan hack. Trump/Republican – evil. Biden/democrat – good. Never an admission or criticism of your side, never. Everything they do is perfect. On the other hand, anything and everything any Republican does is evil and dangerous and should suffer the worst. You are an asinine fool. If you’re married, I pity your spouse. How can anyone live with a person such as yourself?

  5. This went on under VP Mike Pence’s nose. He was the official head of the COVID-19 Task Force. He seems to have delegated all of his duties and not kept tabs on what was happening.

    • It was Trump’s fault for not dumping this fraud. Trump, at the end of the day, is a classic Manhattan limousine liberal. He never kept a single promise of draining the swamp. He didn’t even dump Comey untill he came after him. Trump was/is a coward.

  6. WOW! After being the only one trying to wake up the sheeple from Day #1, we finally see here over 87% have woken up to the medical fraud and danger of the poisonous chemicals being injected. Hope it wasn’t because you learned the hard way. If only all chareidi media would allow for the truth to be made public before it’s too late.

    • Yes, she’s a heimishe yid living in Boro Park, on 46th Street between 16th & 17th Avenue. She makes a pretty good overnight potato kugel.

  7. The vaccine was definitely what helped save people’s lives. Her made up facts were not connected to the vaccine. People died from having caught the virus. Others may have survived death but their health, their lives have been altered forever. I, for one, lost a brother during the first weeks. Nobody ever dare say the virus was a hoax. It was real, very real.


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