Great Video! Chaburas Bein Hazmanim; an Experience of a Lifetime!

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Chaburas Bein Hazmanim is a unique program geared to 11th and 12th grade bochurim run by R’ Yaakov Compton. The CBH program based in Richmond, Virginia, offers geshmake sedorim and shiurim by R’ Compton and R’ Shneur Olshin, competitive sports, as well as an amazing array of signature trips led by the renowned R’ Shaya Guttman. Trips include; caving, jet skiing, natural water slides in the Shenandoah Mountains and many more rare and exciting adventures. See for yourself in this video of Summer 2017!

You can access the camp video by clicking HERE if you can’t view a YouTube video.

For more information, or for an application, email [email protected], or call 440.263.6323 or 917.676.6426.


  1. Hi,
    My son just came home from the most amazing summer experience he had!!!
    My husband & I just would like to thank you all for your extreme devotion, organization & care you put into the program.
    We are amazed at all that you did with them in every aspect, the learning part, superb trips & adventures, gr8 food etc etc.
    A summer like this is the best thing a bochur can have so that he has a great year ahead of him.
    Wishing you all much Hatzlocho & a gut gebentshed yuhr,
    Rabbi & Mrs. E.


  1. Dear Rabbi Guttman & Rabbi Compton,
    I am writing to you the morning after [our son] arrived back from your fantastic program in Virginia.
    He came home so refreshed & renewed after having spent as he said ” an awesome time!!”
    The fact that you were able to give these boys such a gr8 Kosher experience is tremendous !!
    All the best,
    Wishing you a Ksiva Vchasima Tova 


  1. Wow!! video looks amazing and I heard such nice things about this camp. Rabbi Compton is a true roll model in every sense and it’s a pleasure to have him lead our children.

    Cleveland is lucky to have him.

  2. Definitely looks like loads of fun. I wish they would of had such a camp when I was a kid.
    I was part of a SEED program in Richmond back in the 90’s. Which Shul is CBH run out of?


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