Great Video: Look at What One American Kollel can Accomplish



    • You mean, like the Kollel in Miami, Norfolk, or Bensalem?
      The ikur is we have to support all of them to the best of our financial ability. These chevra do tremendous work in being michazaik these communities out-of-town. No question about it. I wish them Hatzlacha.

      • Waterbury, Miami, Norfolk, Bensalem, Phoenix, Cincinnati, Providence, Passaic, Lakewood, Monsey etc. etc. etc.

        All have brought more Torah and an increased level of Torah Judaism to their respective communities.

        However, the ba’al ha-batim of every community that hosts a Kollel have their own, personal financial changes, including tuition for their own children Yeshiva Ktanas, Day Schools, and High Schools.

        Accordingly, the parents and gran-parents of the Kollel avreichem and yungeleits will have to increase their financial support to these Kollels. Not doing so will lead to an ever-increasing amount of fraud and chilul HaShem.


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