Great White Shark Jumps Into Australian Fisherman’s Boat, Injuring Him

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An Australian fisherman got the shock of his life when a great white shark landed in the bottom of his boat.

The ABC reports that Terry Selwood, 73, was by Evans Head, New South Wales, when the shark jumped into his boat.

“I caught a blur of something coming over the boat … and the pectoral fin of the shark hit me on the forearm and knocked me down on the ground to my hands and knees,” Selwood told the ABC.

“He came right over the top of the motor and then dropped onto the floor. He was 2.7m long and about 200 kilos.”

“There I was on all fours and he’s looking at me and I’m looking at him and then he started to do the dance around and shake and I couldn’t get out quick enough onto the gunnel,” Selwood said.

The fisherman was able to radio for help to local marine rescue volunteers at Evans Head, the ABC reported.

Selwood was rescued and then the boat and shark retrieved.

The fisherman was treated for a swollen arm. Read more NZ Herald.




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