Green Leaf Party Threatens To Expose Israeli ‘Pot-Smoking Politicians’

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alei-yarok-green-leafWill the Alei Yarok party ‘out’ pot-smoking politicians? The Ale Yarok (Green Leaf) liberal party has threatened to reveal the names of 18 Knesset candidates, all in realistic slots in their respective parties, who have or still smoke marijuana recreationally but oppose legalizing the drug.

“We will expose the hypocrisy. Candidates must admit (to smoking) and explain why they find it okay to tarnish the good name of cannabis smokers with a criminal file, but not their own,” the party said today.

Ale Yarok claims they have testimonies, evidence and photographed interviews allegedly implicating some 18 Knesset candidates, from different parties, in cannabis use – either past or present.

“The level of hypocrisy that our data exposes is amazing,” said Dr. Michael Golan, number six on the party’s Knesset roster.

Ale Yarok defines itself a non-sectoral liberal party. Even though it is widely recognized in connection with the struggle to legalize marijuana, their political platform focuses on personal, civil and religious liberties, as well as minimizing government intervention in private life.

According the party chairman, Yaron Lerman, over 700 thousand citizens are considered criminals only because they chose to indulge in cannabis in the privacy of their own home.

“As an ideologically liberal party we have made it our goal to halt the police persecution of citizens who have not hurt a soul,” Lerman said.

Dr. Golan added: “A law that is not widely respected is not a just law.”


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