Greenblatt Reveals Plan To Unite Gaza And West Bank

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President Donald Trump’s top envoy to the Middle East, Jason Greenblatt, said on Tuesday the administration’s upcoming Middle East peace plan seeks to unite Gaza and the West Bank.

“Let’s be clear about something: Gaza and the West Bank have been separated for 10 years, not only physically, but politically—between the Palestinian Authority and Hamas. It’s absurd to deny that reality,” Greenblatt told the news outlet Ynet.

“In contrast, our peace plan intends to bring them together. Make no mistake; we are in this to help all Palestinians, in both the West Bank and Gaza,” he added. “The type of disinformation being spread by some parties who have not even seen the plan yet wish to be spoilers does nothing to benefit ordinary Palestinian lives.”

Greenblatt continued, “Once our plan is released, all parties should read it and judge it by its merits. The PLO should be a positive force to change people’s lives for the better, and not try to sway people before they have even seen our plan.”

No date for the release of the Mideast peace plan has been announced.

This development comes amid continued protests along the Gaza border with Gazans encouraged by Hamas, which controls the area, to riot against Israeli forces. JNS.ORG

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  1. Yehuda & Shomron, known as the West Bank, belongs to Jews like Tel Aviv and Haifa and Netanyahu has no right to give any of it away because it’s not his personal land.

  2. Whatever plan the US comes up with, the Palinazis will reject. In fact they have already done that, sight unseen. I think the US knows this, and is using reverse psychology to crush them.

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