Greenblatt: Trump Could Issue Political Part Of Peace Plan Before Israeli Elections

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US Special Envoy to the Middle East Jason Greenblatt sat down with i24NEWS’ senior Washington correspondent Dan Raviv to discuss his proposed future Mideast peace plan following an economic summit held in Bahrain earlier this month.

When asked at what point the long-awaited political component of the plan will be revealed, Greenblatt told Raviv it is “unclear”.

“President Trump has to make a decision,” said Greenblatt. “It’s either going to be a pre-election post-election, pre-government post-government, we haven’t made a decision yet.”

“We understand completely that there is no such thing as an economic peace, but there is no such thing as a political agreement without a very strong economic plan,” said Greenblatt. “I think the economic plan is exciting, I think it could show the Palestinians—Jordan, Egypt, Lebanon—what could be.”

“If there’s no full peace, nothing is going to happen,” he added.

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