Greenfield Announces New Alternate Side Parking Rules To Accommodate Shabbos Parking


Brooklyn, NY – Councilman David G. Greenfield is pleased to announce that the Department of Transportation has agreed to change alternate side parking regulations at several Midwood locations in southern Brooklyn from Shabbos to weekdays so that drivers can park their cars on these blocks and not need to move them on Shabbos.


Shabbos parking has been a longtime issue for Greenfield. In fact, Greenfield first contacted the Department of Transportation just weeks into his first term in 2010 to work on parking changes to accommodate Shabbos observance. Greenfield’s tenacity has paid off. In addition to today’s news, Mayor Bill de Blasio announced earlier this year that 1,300 MuniMeters in Boro Park and Flatbush will soon accept pre-payment up to four-hours in advance on Fridays, guaranteeing that no observant Jews will need to feed their parking meters after sundown on Friday even in the short Friday winters.


“This is such an important issue to me as a councilman because parking spaces are so scarce in our neighborhoods,” Greenfield said. “Not only are there more observant Jews here than anywhere else in the world, but more people use cars here than almost anywhere else in New York City. That’s why I have worked with City Hall on a multitude of parking regulations to make it easier to park before Shabbos.


Greenfield thanked Community Board 14 District Manager Shawn Campbell for her support, as well as Councilman Chaim Deutsch for supporting the signage changes on the blocks in his district.


The exact streets that will see new alternate side parking rules moved from Shabbos to non-Shabbos days are:

–Avenue M from Coney Island Avenue to Ocean Avenue

–Avenue J from East 12th Street to East 17th Street

—Elm Avenue from Bay Avenue to 18th Street and from 14th Street to 15th Street

–Coney Island Avenue from Avenue I to Avenue K



  1. Why is this man leaving us?? We need him serving the community at large.
    Councilman Greenfield, please change your mind! There is so much yet to be done!


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