Greenfield Asks City to Open Midwood Field to the Public

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The Midwood High School track and field, located at 1605 Avenue K in Brooklyn, is currently under renovation, but Council Member David G. Greenfield is already looking forward to its completion and calling for the track to be opened to the public.

“For years, my constituents have wondered why this field is not accessible to them, and it’s easy to understand why they are asking. ” Greenfield said. The nearest track is either Marine Park to the south or Prospect Park to the north. Both of these are located more than two miles away, meaning the field can serve a large swath of the city in need of recreational resources. Furthermore, as opposed to building a new park, opening the track would come with no added cost to taxpayers.

“This is the most reasonable solution to a very real problem,” Greenfield said. “My constituents understand this intuitively since many of them have to travel past it every day on their way to other, farther parks.”

Yet, no matter how common-sense Greenfield thinks it is, opening the field to the public is no simple task and will require the cooperation of the NYC Department of Education as well as officials like School Construction Authority President Lorraine Grillo and Brooklyn Parks Commissioner Marty Maher.

“Working together, I’m sure that we can reach an agreement that will meet student demands while also responding to the lack of open spaces in our neighborhoods,” Greenfield said. Greenfield sent a letter to those city officials asking them to work with him to open the field to the public when the renovations are complete.

Opening Midwood Field is consistent with Councilman Greenfield’s total commitment to parks across his district. Over seven years in office, Councilman Greenfield has secured $35 million for parks renovations, reaching every public park and playground in the district. Now, with most of these renovations already underway, and with community needs for parks increasing by the day, Councilman Greenfield is looking to other agencies with open space in the district to grant public access to such critical community assets.



  1. Interesting. I always thought that the park was owned by the Edward Murrow high school across the street. So who indeed had the permission to use it until now? Even though the track is officially locked, pass by on any given evening at around 7:00 pm and you will see the place packed with people. They either climb the fence or squeeze thru the cracks on Avenue L. I never see any police or parks person kicking out anyone. Interesting.

  2. It is not Murrow but Midwood HS on Bedford. Opening the track will bring after-hours loiterers. That is what you have on Avenue L playground.


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