Greenfield: Friedlander is a Lobbyist and Was Paid to Write Article Defending Nadler

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greenfield-deblasioEzra Friedlander, CEO of the Friedlander Group, penned an article defending Congressman Jerrold Nadler for supporting President Barack Obama’s widely-criticized Iran deal.

Now, Friedlander has admitted, after the fact, that he was paid to write the article.

The admission was made on the Zev Brenner radio program last night.

In his article, Friedlander calls Nadler’s statement on the deal “well-researched and thoughtful.”

Nadler has come under fire for his support of the deal.

But now, Jewish officials are focusing their ire on Friedlander.

Councilman David Greenfield, in a Tweet, wrote, “You readers should know that @EzraFriedlander is a lobbyist & paid political spokesperson. He is NOT a community leader.”

Greenfield also wrote, “Wow. Ezra Friedlander admits on radio that he was PAID to write Op-Ed defending Congressman Jerry Nadler. Major breach of ethical standards. ‘I am a paid lobbyist and work for clients who pay Ezra Friedlander’ – Ezra admits on radio day after I call him out…” wrote Greenfield.

{Andy Newscenter}


  1. Explains why Ezra Friedlander is justifying Schumer’s not lobbying his fellow Democratic senators to vote against the deal. He is a paid shill and does not represent our community in any way shape or form.

  2. There is a built in conflict of interest with his so called Friedlander Group company, not only in this case, but in his other activities as well. He supposedly works for organizations, but at the same time, is a freelance political operator, endorsing people who represent the opposite of community values (like Christine Quinn and David Weprin, who both lost after he supported them), at times, writes op-eds (why does some of the media publish what he sends them?), does PR work, does lobbying (for clients such as Qatar, and Albania), poses as a community representative/spokesman. Who elected him to represent the community? No one. He is self appointed. But when he goes to Capitol Hill, people who don’t know think he represents us. He operates from the presidential level to the local level. It is about time he was called out about this.

    Thanks to David Greenfield for publicizing this important information. Just because someone has a beard and a head covering doesn’t mean they represent us. Just like Neturei Karta doesn’t represent us, Ezra Friedlander doesn’t represent us either, and this should be made known. And organizations that supposedly represent the community should not do business with him.

  3. Other than Jerry Brown, who ad-libs everything, what major politician today does not pay people to write speeches and articles?

  4. Freidlander repeatably stated then when it comes to voting leave your Jewish values at home. In other words anything he write or does politically is devoid of Torah values

  5. David Greenfield did Ezra Friedlander the biggest boost in his career as a lobbyist. The Friedlander Group is now a household name and it didn’t cost Ezra a penny. A lobbyist dream come true.

    In defense of Friedlanders’s defense of Nadler, Ben Brofman defends any lowlife criminal now matter how heinous a crime he is accused of. He gets paid very well for his work and nobody objects. On the contrary, Brofman is a frequent honoree at Jewish events. I see no reason for Friedlander to be be treated differently.

    Further regarding Nadler, the congressman isn’t suggesting that the Iran deal is good deal. He admits it’s awful. He just argues that that ship has sailed and nothing can be done about it. In a way, his argument is similar to the one presented by my ten-year old as to why he need not complete his homework: either (1) it not due yet or (2) he missed the deadline anyway. Jerry Nadler’s position is that Europe already approved the deal. What’s the U.S. going to do, fight Europe as well as Iran?

    I have instead a modest proposal instead: Let Congress vote to condemn John Kerry as an arrogant, incompetent, ignorant, foolish nincompoop that sold out U.S. interests for a hill of beans. Let him go down in history as the worst Secretary of State ever; far worse at his position than Richard Nixon was as President. Let Congress authorize the printing of a $3 bill with Kerry’s image on it stamped PHONY, PHONY, PHONY. The only job for which he is qualified for is to be a busboy in a diner and to set up a bottle of Heinz Ketchup on each table.

    John Kerry pursued this deal with the sole motive of setting himself up as a candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize. As a lesson to others who might wish to behave in a similar fashion let Kerry”s name be recorded in the Hall of Shame of History included with those of Benedict Arnold, Vidkun Quisling, Aaron Burr, George Soros, Noam Chomsky and all other villains past and present.

  6. hE didn’t fair to well with his other clients, David Weprin & Lew Fidler. They were also running against who the Torah community was supporting. hE has not chosen well, who he represents, in the last number of years.

  7. The difference between Brofman and Friedlander is that we all know that an attorney is going to defend his clients no matter who they are. When someone is writing on behalf of someone’s political opinion, it should be noted as such – “paid for by…”. By claiming to be independent, or at least hoping to dupe everyone into thinking he is writing independently is false.


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