Greenfield Gets MTA To Move Forward With Countdown Clocks For D, F, And Q Lines

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New York City Councilman David G. Greenfield announced today that the MTA would be adding countdown clocks to all the subway stations in his council district, helping commuters to better judge their wait times. Riders of the D, F, and Q lines should expect the clocks by the end of the year.

The MTA first unveiled countdown clocks in 2006 on numbered subway lines, but it’s taken more than a decade for the convenience to reach the lettered lines that service Southern Brooklyn, with the long delay blamed on technological difficulties. However, by last year, the technology had finally caught up with subway riders’ needs, and a 90-day test program for N, Q, and R trains was judged a success.

“Countdown clocks are a simple convenience. Who hasn’t craned their neck perilously close to the tracks to see when the next train is coming?” Greenfield asked. “Letting New Yorkers know how long they have to wait is literally the least we can do.”

Countdown clocks had previously been promised in southern Brooklyn for 2018, but this news from Greenfield moves the timetable forward to this year.

“Tens of thousands of my constituents use the subways. It’s about time that people know when the next train will arrive,” Greenfield said.



  1. Who needs the clocks. How about getting a move on finishing the F line station upgrades so the trains don’t skip almost all the stops.

  2. Having the trains’ actual locations available via smartphone app would also be nice. The MTA’s busses already make this info available.

  3. If the trains would run more often we wouldn’t need countdown clocks. Why not put the money into more frequent trains?


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