Greenfield Joins Hikind’s Call to DOT to Reconsider Turn Restrictions on Ocean Parkway


Councilman David G. Greenfield is joining Assemblyman Dov Hikind in calling on the New York State Department of Transportation to delay the implementation of planned right-turn prohibitions at multiple intersections on Ocean Parkway. The new right-turn restrictions, which are set to be imposed at the intersections of Avenue C, Avenue J, Avenue P and King Highway, are being presented by the New York State DOT as a part of long-planned safety improvement measures taking place along Ocean Parkway. Unlike the other measures included in the DOT’s plan, however, these restrictions were never presented to the community for review or feedback.

“When the DOT informed us that they wanted to make improvements to safety on Ocean Parkway, we were delighted,” Greenfield said. “I have always been a strong supporter of doing everything we can to promote safety for New York City drivers and pedestrians, which is why I was proud to be the sponsor in the City Council of the Mayor’s Vision Zero plan. Unfortunately, the DOT did not inform us of any plans to impose restrictions on right-hand turns at these intersections, nor did they inform Community Board 12.”

Greenfield said that the planned restrictions will not have the desired effect. “If the DOT had consulted the community on these changes, they would have learned that these are some of the busiest intersections on Ocean Parkway, and that they consistently have some of the worst traffic congestion. Prohibiting turns at these intersections will make traffic worse without making drivers or pedestrians any safer. I am proud to stand with Assemblyman Hikind in support of our community on this important issue.”

Greenfield is calling on the Department of Transportation to delay implementation of the proposed changes until the community has had a chance to offer input on the plan. “The DOT should not be making such major changes in our communities without giving the people who live there a chance to voice their own opinions,” Greenfield said. “At the very least, the people who live in the neighborhoods that will be affected by these needless changes should have the opportunity to weigh in.”



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