Greenfield Makes Push For “Pregnancy Parking”

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nyc-parking-meterA Brooklyn lawmaker wants to make it easier for pregnant women to park around the city. City Councilman David Greenfield is pushing a bill that would grant free parking to pregnant women if their doctors say they have physical or mobility issues.

Under the proposal, pregnant women could get placards that would give them free parking in no parking or no standing zones until 30 days after their expected due dates.

Greenfield says the bill would make life a little easier for women with difficult pregnancies.

Critics argue the bill would just make the city’s parking laws more complicated, and could lead to discrimination against expectant mothers.

Similar laws already exist in Georgia and Oklahoma.



  1. no thanks – every woman would have a placard for life. No way. their husbands would use it too and there go the rest of the available spots. if there was a chance that this woulnd’t end up being abused heavily I’d support it – this way, no way!

  2. Whats with modesty?

    Its like haging a sign in your window, Landies and Gentelmen hear I come. and in case uour wondering, my baby is come soon.

  3. Greenfield is pushing a little far on this one. Many women are pregnant so if this bill ever gets passed, forget about ever finding a spot in boro park

  4. Have some rachmanus! He said he’s proposing this for women in difficult pregnancies, which a doctor would have to certify.

    I myself had a difficult pregnancy (multiple birth) and had to be on bedrest, with toxemia and and high risk of preterm labor. Yet I was still expected to get myself into the city for appointments, and finding parking was a big problem. Then I had to walk from that parking place to the office – though I was on bedrest.

    If I had a handicap placard, I would have gotten prime parking at the hospital and not had to walk. And in fact I did have major complications that led to premature delivery, and it started the day I had one of these big shleppy appointments! I’m convinced all the walking played a big role in the premature delivery.

    Seriously, try to think of others and not only yourselves. This bill is a great idea and you should support it.

  5. There is a reason why no parking and no standing zones are no parking and no standing zones. If this is approved, the already-gridlocked traffic during rush hour will get even worse. This is a TERRIBLE idea.

  6. This is a great idea. All these idiot’s making stupid comments, obviously never had children or a pregnant wife! Shame on you! Selfish boor’s

  7. Try finding even an illegal parking spot available in Boro Park! These women won’t get any extra spots there.

  8. Like I said, if this was something couldn’t and wouldn’t be abused, I’d support it all the way. However, it takes very little for a system like this to be abused. All a woman has to do is cry to her doctor that she already has two little babies and is now pregnant and can’t shlep all the kids to Bagel’s ‘n Greens unless she can park right next to it and she’ll get her placard. Then her enterprising hubby will figure out how to photocopy it at his friend’s copy center and we’re off to the races. Every SUV in BP will have them and a bad situation will get even worse. Trust me, I’ve got a bunch of kids too. I’m not against kids, pregnancy or Chassidim. I am against wanton abuse of the system and that’s what will happen – guaranteed!

  9. Why not just make a law that a woman with a high-risk pregnancy or physical complications resulting from pregnancy is eligible for a handicapped sign in her car?


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