Greenfield Meets with Commissioner to Discuss Dangerous Boro Park Intersection

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NYC Councilman David G. Greenfield is urging the Department of Transportation to install a stoplight or a stop sign in the vicinity of 18th Avenue and 56th Street in Brooklyn, a pedestrian-heavy area that too often sees cars passing through at dangerously high rates of speed.

“The area around 18th Avenue and 56th Street is the most significant safety hazard in my district,” Greenfield said. “My office gets calls from worried parents about this issue nearly every week. Now that my $7.25 million in brand new renovations to the 18th Avenue Park are complete, thousands of children will be visiting the park and crossing that intersection every week.”

With hundreds of children and their families crossing the street on a daily basis en route to and from the park, Greenfield said that it is more important now than ever to install appropriate safety measures.

At a meeting earlier this month, Greenfield urged Brooklyn Transportation Commissioner Keith Bray, Deputy Commissioner Claudette Workman, Brooklyn Community Coordinator Leroy Branch Jr. and Director of Traffic Engineering and Safety Linda Stuurman to take swift action on this clear safety risk.

Commissioner Bray promised Greenfield that he would engage in a safety review, consider the installation of traffic controls and increase the visibility of pedestrians through the creation of an enhanced crosswalk. The group had a productive discussion, and Greenfield said he is confident that the DOT now understands and shares his concerns. However, he is urging the agency not to needlessly delay the installation of appropriate safety measures.

“We can’t wait for an accident to happen,” Greenfield said. “That’s why I went down to the Department of Transportation’s office to personally meet with the Commissioner to make sure this gets resolved.”



  1. I agree its a dangerous intersection but the most dangerous? 17th Ave and Dahill rd even with a traffic light is more dangerous. Cars coming from 42 st and 17 Ave can’t see the cars turning from Dahill Rd onto 17th Avenue. Bay parkway and Ocean parkway is also extremely dangerous. All we need at 56 and 18th is a traffic light The other two intersections need some restructuring of the intersection to make it safer.

    • You are correct, especially about the Ocean Parkway / Bay Parkway intersection. The bike & walking paths on the west side of Ocean Parkway are bisected by the exit to Bay Parkway, which is at a shallow enough angle that southbound cars barely need to slow down when exiting. A walker or biker crossing there can have a car moving a high speed on top of them with no warning and no time to get out of the way. I don’t have a good solution, but surely traffic engineers can come up with something to make it safer.

      As far as 17th ave. & 42nd street, I think a traffic light at that corner instead of just a stop sign would do the trick as far as protecting drivers headed southeast on 42nd.


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