Greenfield Outraged Over Bloomberg’s Handling of Blizzard Clean-Up

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snow6NYC Council Members David G. Greenfield, Stephen Levin and Jimmy Van Bramer are outraged at the City’s gross mishandling of its blizzard response and are calling on Mayor Michael Bloomberg to accept full responsibility for the consequences, including endangering the lives of countless New Yorkers waiting for emergency response vehicles hindered by deplorable street conditions.

Councilman Greenfield, who represents the Bensonhurst, Boro Park and Midwood sections of Brooklyn, was shocked at the conditions as he walked the streets of his district this afternoon. “I’ve lived here my entire life,” said Greenfield, “and I’ve never seen the streets this way after a major snowstorm. Here in the outer-boroughs we are used to being the step-children of Manhattan and waiting for available plows, but there are major streets in my district that haven’t see a plow at all. Quite frankly, I’ve never seen such a wholesale failure of government to provide basic services.”

Councilman Van Bramer, who represents Woodside, Sunnyside, Long Island City, Astoria, and Maspeth in Queens, echoed Councilman Greenfield’s sentiment. “I have lived my entire life in Queens, seen many storms, but have never seen so long a period go by where we just haven’t seen snow plows clearing the streets,” noted Van Bramer. “More than 24 hours after the first snowflakes fell, there are still major roadways in my district that have yet to be plowed. Vernon Boulevard in Long Island City is just one example of a poor response to this storm by this administration. The hardworking people of my district and the entire City deserve better service.”

The Council Members attribute the extremely hazardous conditions to Mayor Bloomberg’s personnel reductions at the Department of Sanitation, which left the Department short 400 sanitation workers.

“I am outraged at the lack of response in the neighborhoods which I represent,” said Councilman Levin, who represents Brooklyn Heights, Park Slope, Greenpoint, and Williamsburg. “It is unacceptable that, a full day after the storm, major avenues throughout my district have yet to see a snow plow. I commend all the DSNY, FDNY, and NYPD workers giving their all out in the snow today, and we are all grateful for their work, but they have not been given enough resources. Clearly, City Hall and the leadership at the Sanitation Department were entirely unprepared for a storm of this magnitude, and we are all paying the price for that now.”

All three Council Members expressed their gratitude to the outstanding men and women of the Sanitation Department, NYPD, NYFD and OEM, noting how they selflessly left their own families to serve their communities in extremely hazardous conditions. Unfortunately, their superiors were clearly unprepared for this storm, and left all New Yorkers in a ditch.

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  1. A very simple idea for the next snow storm

    B’H Klall Yisroel is blessed with a lot of young kids on each block in Boro Park
    If you take 50 of them with shovels in one line you can clean each street in no timeas an Out of towner all i hear is complaints its not going to help
    so do something about it

  2. Just come and get the votes….and promise me a “rose garden”….
    and then…..go take care of your fancy shmancy friends out in Manhattan…make sure they can go to the theater and to all fine restaurants….while we, your poor little citizens can’t even cross the streets!!!!

  3. The mayor is so blind to the other boroughs: his arrogance doesn’t allow him to see past Manhattan The traffic , today, on Jackson Heights’ main thoroughfare, 37th Ave. was beyond belief. Almost every local street is blocked by unplowed snow. This is typical of the Mayor’s lack of concern for any area outside of Manhattan.From a lifelong resident of NYC.

  4. I really don’t think the sanitation crews deserve any thanks at all.

    I was walking on 18th Ave. on Sunday from about 3-4:30 P.M. I saw three plows in a row plus one salt spreader going up and down 18th Avenue plowing and salting BLACK ASPHALT!

    When I questioned one sanitation driver why we need 4 trucks plowing and salting 18th Ave,while 16th & 17th Ave. are totally snowed in, his answer to me was that the residents of the neighborhood are at fault for taking out their cars which are getting stuck and blocking the sanitation trucks.

    I told him & I tell you that he’s full of baloney!

    They could easily access the other Avenues via the few major streets that they did plow: 39th, 60th & 65th. Plus, there were plenty of clearly unblocked side streets that they didn’t bother plowing.

    I believe that this was a calculated work- slowdown on the part of the garbagemen (that’s what we should call them when they’re full of garbage!) to even the score with the city for cutting down their workforce.

    So, sorry, no thanks from me for these inconsiderate brutes who endangered the lives of numerous people and effectively shut down whole neighborhoods for their selfish reasons!

  5. I don’t have school tomorrow!!!!!! and making kids do the work is dangerous, unhealthy and just plain not fair. this isn’t where the children work and there are child labor laws.


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