Griddle Blamed for Shemini Atzeres Fire, Appeal Continues for Families

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krasny-fire-small[Donate below.] Investigators with the New York City Fire Department say an electric griddle is to blame for the deadly three-alarm fire in Flatbush, Brooklyn, the night of Shemini Atzeres.

They say the griddle ignited a wooden counter in the kitchen at the Krasny apartment on Avenue P, off of Coney Island Avenue.

Hayeled Avigdor Krasny z”l was trapped by the flames and passed away. (See‘s initial story here.)

All are asked to continue davening for 4-year-old Yitzchok Isaac ben Chana and 18-month-old Ettil bas Chana, who remain in critical condition.

Frum communities around the world have been participating in an appeal to help the Krasny and Rosenbaum families affected by the fire. The financial situation of both families is very dire and funds are desperately needed.

Those wishing to participate in helping the families may make checks out to Keren Hatzalos Nefashos and mail them to:

Keren Hatzalos Nefashos

Rav Eliyahu Brudny

1752 East 18th Street

Brooklyn, NY, 11229.

To donate online, click here.

 {Noam Newscenter}


  1. #1: How do you know it did not have to happen?
    It wasn’t that long ago we davened in Unesaneh Tokef “Mi ba’eish”. I once heard a speech by Rav Pam z’l who said when someone passes away, we are interested in all the details. He said it’s not the doctor or circumstances, but he died because of “Unesaneh Tokef”. It was decreed then!

    We could all be more careful but to say it did not have to happen is callous and insensitive to the grieving family.

  2. Terrible tragedy .may we no longer see tragedies in our midst.we can however practice prevention. A hot plate or large crockpot should be placed on aluminum or metal baking pans with the pans being upsidedown creating a fireproof riser under the platter.also keep platter away from baccksplash of wooden under the blech should never be above low to medium also if possible use rear flames only. On yom tov when not cooking keep fires covered with blech. Ck cooking areas periodically .keep towels, mitts,papertowels, away from open flames or heat source.don’t go to sleep as long as candles are smoke detectors.don’t block mispallel for siyato dishmayo

  3. RE # 4 : Very well said.Many are negligent when it comes to safety.Smoke ,co detectors and a fire extinguisher are a MUST for every home on EACH level.

  4. It is true that when we say Unesaneh Tokef, we are strongly aware that all that will transpire in the coming year has been ordained. That does not diminish the pain and anguish that the family,friends and all Klal Yisroel experience over such a tragic loss. ???? ??? ?? ???

  5. This Erev Yom Tov I lit two Yuhrtzeit candles. One was in a regular aluminum container and one was in what I thought was a glass container but was really plastic. I honestly didn’t look at it too closely when I got my grocery order. B”H no fire occured that night. The next night – on Simchas Torah – I lit my match from my stove, lit my candles and put my still burning match into the plastic case from the previous night’s yurhtzeit lamp. The entire thing went up in flames. B”H nobody was injured and we were able to contain it. I can’t understand how a company can sell a Yuhrtzeit candle in a flammable case. It came 3 in a package and had what I think was German or Dutch writing on it. Please be careful when buying Yuhrtzeit candles not to repeat my mistake.
    I called my grocery and they said they will remove it from the shelf.


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