Ground Zero Mosque Design Includes Magein Dovids


mosque-ground-zeroA newly-released design for the “Ground Zero Mosque” incorporates the “hexagram” and appears to be dominated by Magein Dovids.

“Some architectural clarification, the historical use of the hexagram in Muslim, Jewish and Christian architecture,” said a “tweet” by organizers of the controversial planned 13-story Muslim center several hundred feet from the site of the Al-Qaeda suicide bombings on the World Trade Center in 2001.

Pamela Geller noted on the Atlas Shrugs website that the design appears to show “tumbling” Magein Dovids.

The architects released the design, contrary to previous reports by its organizers that there would be an international “world-class design competition.”

The center is to include a restaurant, physical fitness center and a pool, and membership will be open to non-Muslims, who will comprise most of the users of the center, according to The New York Times. Fees for a family will be as much as $2,700 a year.

An Associated Press report described the proposed center as “a futuristic-looking building wrapped in a honeycomb of abstract shapes, with a core containing far more space for secular pursuits than religious worship.”

Sharif El-Gamal, the project’s developer, said it will be at least two years before ground is broken for the center, which is designed to attract neighborhood residents and suburban Muslims spending “date night” in New York City.

A two-level mosque capable of holding 2,000 Muslims will be located in the basement, and the 12th floor will include a memorial to the nearly 3,000 people killed in four suicide bombings on September 11, 2001, known as “9/11.”

New York City officials gave the final approval earlier this year for building the mosque, which divided Americans between those supporting “freedom of religion” as more important than the sensibilities of those offended by the mosque and those who see a Muslim mosque so close to Ground Zero as being a mockery of those killed in the Muslim terrorist attacks. The latter group has statedl that the consideration for victims that led the Vatican to abandon plans to build a nunnery at Auschwitz should be employed at Ground Zero.

Read more at Arutz Shevah.

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  1. Sacre Bleu ! This is disastrous. How dare there be an accidental cross-pollination of religious symbols in a new building. What is the world coming to ? We must have strict delineations between all groups. No mixing is allowed. People need clear, basic symbols to respond to, like the swastika for example. A global “Appropriate Symbol Committee” should be established to correct such nefarious design flaws.

  2. In many middle eastern mosques they have the MD star as a symbol but what struck me is the way it is represented in the picture on the news website as big bold stars unlike the traditional patterned use from typical middle eastern mosques it looks like it is for a synagogue and not a mosque pure provocation.


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