Groundbreaking: Mr. Kalman Wolchok Announces Undertaking to Build Multiple Subsidized Wedding Halls in Lakewood for Rabbeim

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Last night, Mr. Kalman (Carey) Wolchok, Conference Chairman at the Motzoei Shabbos Plenary Session at the Torah Umesorah Presidents Conference in Florida, made a colossal announcement.

Stating his desire to assist the mechanchim of Klal Yisroel, Mr. Wolchok announced that he will be launching a new undertaking in honor of the bas mitzvahs of his triplet daughters.

Mr. Wolchok will be undertaking an endeavor that will great assist rabbeim, who are burdened by tremendous financial obligations, not the least of which is marrying off their children.

Thus, he will be sponsoring the construction of several new wedding halls in Lakewood, NJ.

“When our rabbeim, our klei kodesh, make chasunos, they think about: Who’s going to pay the bill?” he said. “…There’s lachatz.”

The idea was suggested to create a simcha hall in Lakewood and allow rabbeim to have subsidized chasunos there.

And that’s exactly what Mr. Wolchok said he will do.

Mr. Wolchok stated that the details of this undertaking have not been worked out yet, but the land, he related, has already been pledged by Beth Medrash Govoah via its menahel, R’ Aaron Kotler.

It has been proposed thus far to build at least two simcha halls in this new complex.

“It’s an emotional thing to be able to give a crazy idea,” he said. “Hakadosh Boruch Hu is allowing my family, Tami and I, to give a gift to our triplets for their bas mitzvah of a simcha hall in Lakewood run by Torah Umesorah. Who gets that type of opportunity in their life?”

This comment was greeted with a standing ovation from the Presidents Conference crowd.

Mr. Wolchok said he hopes for the groundbreaking to take place in two years.

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  1. With all due respect, who’s land is R’ Aaron giving away? If it’s his then kol hkovod! If it’s momon H’ kdeseh wouldn’t it require a consensus from the donor’s?

    • Not necessarily at all. When you donate to a cause, both legally in order for it to be tax deductible, and Al pi Hatorah, you are trusting them to use the funds in the best way possible. Therefore most of us who donate to causes trust the chosheva askonim and Torah leaders that run the organization to make sound decisions. This initiative sounds to me like a wonderful way to further Torah ideals and it looks like the askonim etc felt that way too. Kol Hakovod. Support our Rebbeim!

  2. I am not sure that this is the right place to write this, but many times i wonder why none of the great philanthropists that built the many beautiful wedding halls in NY and NJ do not do something similar in eretz yisroel.
    There is not even one mechubedige wedding hall for simple weddings in all of eretz yisroel.
    The few halls that are available for affordable prices are a very far cry from what is standard and decent takana simcha hall in the states.
    I believe that anyone looking for an opportunity to donate a hall should should look into this venue.

    • “very far cry from what is standard and decent takana simcha hall in the states.” let it be, so its meant to be.
      ey isnt supposed to be compared to ANY standards in usa. ey yidden didnt go to ey to have usa standards. they dont want it. [ if u r an american please dont use ur usa lifestyle as a measure for ey. ]
      btw anthropology/societal speaking it also helps some usa yidden say to themselves ” in ey its so much simpler and “aidel” etc so ….we dont need all the shmalz etc. for our wedding in usa”. these tei’areh yidden should be given chizuk for their thoughts to come to fruition!

  3. Two years till the groundbreaking?! Mr. Wolchok should confer with some of Lakewood’s developers. They can get permits and variances within a week. Dover b’ito ma tov

  4. What about Morohs? Will they get a break too? As a Morah, all the women teachers I know are depending on their salary for living expenses. I think it is time for the women, who with much mesiras nefesh educate the future generation of wives and mothers, to be given some sorely needed benefits as well.

  5. Not to be a cynic, but will it really be subsidized or will it just be a few grand cheaper than Bais Faiga?
    Also, what about regular middle class people who can’t make ends meet? Are they left out in the cold on this?

    • As a working Ben Torah who struggled to make my chasunos I wish I had a cheaper option, however to suggest that Rebbeim Who work at least as hard as us and for half the pay don’t deserve this kind of hakoras hatov just because we don’t have it, doesn’t sit right with me

  6. It would be nice if these creative ideas or a scribe to the people actually had them.

    There’s an incredible fellow named Shmulli Miller, one of the powerhouses behind Chasdei Lev, who just established City Hall in Brooklyn.

    It’s wonderful that TU is doing this, but it would be nice to give credit where it’s due.

  7. He said he wants to make it nice enough that others would want to use as well and give breaks to the middle class too. This would also help avoid any uncomfortable situations for any mechuton (especially to a klei kodesh) to make weddings there

  8. What about Baal Habatim that are struggling?
    NEWS FLASH: there are numerous non Kli kodesh families that struggle with basic necessities many times far worse than rabbeim because they are in the worst brackets possible for taxes and don’t qualify for programs. When you were a BM her food stamps, Medicaid, wic, Heap ect.. while we do not. I think it’s a shanda to taint this otherwise wonderful idea by labeling it only for Rabaim.

  9. This is a wonderful idea that should be met with praise and appreciation, not cynicism. Anyone who feels that it should be extended to include others, or should feature a different menu, or should be built in EY, is more than welcome to do exactly that. Go ahead – no one will get in your way. Please don’t throw cold water on a fabulous idea that will benefit SO many people who desperately need this sort of assistance.

    R’ Kalman – עלי והצלח! May many others copy your initiative and we should all make affordable simchos!

    • Was thinking the same thing. How can people be so cynical and so full of themselves. They know better or have a better idea. Kol Hakovod to this project. A beautiful and perfect idea!

  10. There are also non rebbeim who also have hard time making end meets,their salaries are fixed and don’t get benefits that rebbeim get, such as free/discount tuition, Yom Tov programs etc. The working ppl pay full tuition have full Yom Tov expenses, the larger the family the higher the expense… they should also benefit from it.

    • Maybe think about changing the name on your post from thinking to myself to thinking about myself. I don’t know who you are or what your job is but it doesn’t sound like you have an appreciation for how much Rebbeim have to struggle on their meager salleries. Hatzlacha

  11. I’m really pained by this Midah Rah that I see happens here very often by commentators. Why is it every time it’s reported that there’s some new service or organization being established to help X amount of people for whatever needs that all of sudden the reaction from nebech so many non farginers is “why is it only for those people why not for these type of people, those people don’t even need the help it’s the other people that need it more” Is it really so hard for all of you non farginers to be happy that BH there are people in Kal Yisroel that stepped up to the plate to help X amount of our Yiddishe brothers? Granted these services or organizations won’t solve all our needs as a tzibur but it will definitely make a big difference to some of the tzibur. Why is it always about me? Stop already enough think about yenim fargin yenem. Where’s your eiyan tov? It’s irrelevant if you feel maybe that this service or organization is better suited for other needy people. So go put your money where your mouth is and establish another organization to serve those people you have in mind (yourself maybe) and if you don’t have the money to do it that’s not an excuse! Many individuals who weren’t financially stable opened & established many chesed organizations.But to continue on this mean evil derech of non fargining another yid has to stop. The first & only comments should be wow amazing how special that both people are getting involved & being innovative in how they do tzedokah v’chesed & wow amazing how many of our brothers & sisters are being helped. I’YH if we fargin all our brothers & sisters and stop thinking about ourselves all the time than in that zechus the Eibishter will shower all of us the whole tzibur with Shefa Brocha V’hatzlacha.

    (As a side note I’m personally an individual who doesn’t know how I would make a l’chaim/Vort when the time comes I’YH let alone a wedding)

  12. All those complaining WHY ONLY REBBEUM.
    We must learn from them. I know many rebbeim who developed anxieties on the job

    • My point exactly. B”H we have many many wonderful Rebbeim and michanchim that live right here in Brooklyn. Brooklyn is where it all started. Every Lakewooder can trace his family roots back to Brooklyn. This is where the Torah Chinuch in America started after the milchama. If not for the housing crisis here, not that many Yidden would of moved to Lakewood. This total abandonment by Bnei Torah, of Brooklyn, is troublesome to me. They learned in Chaim Berlin, Mir, Torah Vidaas, Torah Temima, Cheder, vichidoma, and at the first chance they get, they completely abandon their Parents, Rav, Kehilla, Rebbeim, and gleefully flee to Lakewood. It’s a total lack of hakaras hatov. What, there is suddenly no Torah here? No kollelim here? No Roshei Yeshiva here? No Poskim here? No Bnei Torah here? Mach ahvek mit deh hant? Such gaiva? I see this as a problem with our dor. A total lack of derech eretz. We’ll just come to visit every now and then to pick up a check. That’s not right.

  13. Your question “Hakadosh Boruch Hu is allowing my family, Tami and I, to give a gift to our triplets for their bas mitzvah of a simcha hall in Lakewood run by Torah Umesorah. Who gets that type of opportunity in their life?”
    Answer: someone important at presidents conference. The regular hard working balai Batem who give $50,000-$200,000 a year to mosdos in combined tuition/donations are completely ignored with zero recognition.


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