Group Invites Lakewood Residents to Celebrate Chanukah

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lakewoodThe Achdus Organization of Lakewood is inviting all residents of Lakewood to enjoy the celebration and inspiration of Chanukah at the traditional menorah lighting, the third night of Chanukah, Sunday, Dec. 13 beginning at 6:30 p.m. at the Lakewood Town Square, Clifton Avenue and Third Street.

This joyous family event will feature welcoming remarks by Lakewood Mayor Robert W. Singer and members of the Township Committee, live music, and donuts.

Yaakov Jacobs, the director of the Achdus Organization, says, “The Chanukah Menorah teaches us an important lesson in today’s world-a little amount of light can dispel a lot of darkness. In these trying times in which it seems that the world around us is drifting apart, it will be through our unity that we will all combat the forces of evil and terror.”

Mayor Singer says, “The light of the Chanukah menorah should be a reminder to everyone, here in Lakewood and around that world, to remember that miracles do happen. Every generation has its challenges, but all of us working together can overcome them.”

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  1. Chanukah represents the antithesis to assimilating with Greek or other cultures .
    I am sure that the Achdus organization is very proud that Mayor Singer is going to be speaking and being a role model for this important occasion . I am sure he will highlight the importance of Chanukah in our fight against assimilation and intermarriage today . Great Job

  2. Achdus? What a joke.

    FYI – Mayor Singer is actually married to a non-Jew and should never be part of such a ‘celebration’.

  3. achdus is a non existant org. its simply a front name for chabd who is celebrating the great accomplishment of lighting a tree here in lakewood the pinnacle of olam hatora

  4. “The Achdus Organization of Lakewood ” is Chabad. These lightings in public arenas have absolutely no basis in halachah, it’s all about the chabad shita

  5. Mr. yuk!

    Are you suggesting this is a warm chasidishe “minhag”? and all the chasidisen, other than the jews for mamesh, somehow missed it??

    be honest, especialy to yourself


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