Group of 18 Rebbetzins Urge Vote for Chaim Deutsch


A group of 18 rebbetzins representing nearly every kehilla in Flatbush released an unusual letter on Tuesday, urging members of the community to vote for Chaim Deutsch in his Democratic primary for Congress, BP24 reports.

Deutsch, a city councilman representing Flatbush, is running against incumbent Rep. Yvette Clarke. He faces several other challengers, but is the only frum candidate.

“Do not underestimate the impact that our community could have by electing a frum member to Congress,” the Rebbetzin write in their letter. “In addition to being a counterweight to the anti-Semitism that we have seen displayed by sitting Congress members, Chaim Deutsch will be in a position to be a powerful advocate for the values and principles that are the very foundation of our way of life.”

The list of signatories are Rebbetzin Cohen, Rebbetzin Reisman, Rebbetzin Twerski, Rebbetzin Steinwurzel, Rebbetzin Wallerstein, Rebbetzin Eisen, Rebbetzin Katzin, Rebbetzin Goldwasser, Rebbetzin Mansour, Rebbetzin Katz, Rebbetzin Schechter, Rebbetzin Horowitz, Rebbetzin Ralbag, Rebbetzin Zakheim, Rebbetzin Herbst, Rebbetzin Leiff, Rebbetzin Sheinerman and Rebbetzin Rabinowitz. Read more at BP24.



  1. You want to elect liberal skunks like brat Lander and Nadler and Schumer. Here is a true good yid running for office.


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