Growth and Change at the Minneapolis Community Kollel

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Following many months of planning, searching and hosting, the Minneapolis Community Kollel officially announced that beginning this Elul, it will be joined by a group of outstanding new kollel families. This marks a significant development in the kollel and the community’s growth and presents a wealth of new Torah opportunities. As the weeks go by, the kollel will be unveiling new programs and learning opportunities associated with these developments.

Rabbi Yossi Lowinger will be moving to Minneapolis with his family next week. Rabbi Lowinger will assume the role of rosh chaburah at the kollel to work together with Rav Chaim Simcha Gibber, rosh kollel, in guiding and directing the expanded kollel staff. Beyond his official duties in the kollel bais medrash, Rabbi Lowinger, together with his wife Batsheva, a daughter of Rav Moshe Francis, rosh kollel of the Chicago Community Kollel, is sure to infuse the community with his genuine nature, exuberance, and warm personality.

In addition, there are four new kollel families who will be moving to Minneapolis for the new zeman. These families were carefully selected from dozens of candidates for their scholarship, sincerity and giving nature. They include Rabbi Sender and Mrs. Sara Breiner, Rabbi Uriel and Mrs. Shoshana Gross, Rabbi Yaakov and Mrs. Shainy Kaufman, and Rabbi Chaim Leib and Mrs. Tova Rupp.

In addition to the new yungeleit studying in the kollel, these families will enhance the Torah Tots rosters and grace the community with their teaching skills. In particular, Mrs. Gross will be teaching fifth grade English, Mrs. Kaufman will work in the resource room at Torah Academy, and Mrs. Breiner will teach in Bais Yaakov. The new families will be arriving this Sunday, September 11. As in the past, a welcoming event to greet them is being planned.

Thanks to a grant from the Olami Foundation, Mrs. Adina Cohen will now be working alongside her husband, Rabbi Aryeh Cohen, to inspire young women through the JWAY, the young adult division of the Minneapolis Kollel. This will allow the program to double its reach and have a more specifically focused women’s outreach program.

Several former members of the kollel will be stepping into positions where they can use their skills in the further growth and development of the community. Rabbi Tzvi Lichtman will be assuming a morning position as a sixth grade rebbi in Torah Academy, but will continue to learn at the kollel in the afternoons and evenings. Rabbi Shloime Rothstein will be assuming the role of learning and development coordinator with the kollel. In this capacity, he will direct a new evening learning program in the kollel. In addition, Rabbi Rothstein will work on various administrative tasks and special projects.

Rabbi Yakov Skolnick has agreed to assume Rabbi Rothstein’s role as night seder coordinator and will be the point person for setting up chavrusos for the kollel night seder, Partners in Torah and yarchei kallahs.



  1. I visited the twin cities in 1956. There was very little yiddiskeit there I remember there was a great reb shepsil who the the town mohel. I hope he’s well.

  2. To European Chosid: Rav Shepsil Roberts was niftar about 10 years ago, however he has children, grandchildren and great grandchildren who are all pillars of the community.

    To Yitzchak Mordechai: It is indeed a Lakewood Kollel, and the Rosh Kollel Rabbi Gibber is a very choshuveh talmid chachom, (and a mechutan to Rav Dovid Schustal)

  3. Comment #4:
    Isn’t Rabbi Gibber also a michutan with Rabbi Pesach Krohn? I believe his daughter also published some books, Gnendal Krohn.

  4. It might be Lakewood but Rabbi Gibber shlit”a is a talmod muvhak of Rav Ruderman tz”l and learned in Baltimore for many many years.


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