Do you Believe in Dreams?


Be’er Hagolah is a Yeshiva that was founded by Gedolei Yisroel with complete Pre-K through 12th grade boys and girls divisions providing a top notch Torah education to children of immigrant families.

Today, Be’er Hagolah asks Jews all over the world to stand together as one family and “Grow their Dream”. Every Jewish child deserves the gift of a top notch Jewish education and a joyous Jewish future and today you can help us achieve that goal.

With a fundraising goal of $800,000, this one day only, quadruple match campaign celebrates the joy, wonder and curiosity of all children as they learn and strive to achieve their goals with impact.

In the past 39 years, more than 1,500 students have gained their foundation in Be’er Hagolah.

“Comfort, happiness, acceptance, home” those are some of the words used by BHI alumni to describe what their beloved Yeshiva means to them.

In the words of one alumnus. “Beer hagolah was my home away from home! It was where I developed my foundation and where I received the skills to succeed as an adult!”

In addition to its comprehensive curricular and extra-curricular program, Be’er Hagolah is a powerhouse of Jewish connection, empowering many children, who would otherwise be in public schools, with Jewish education and pride.

To join Be’er Hagolah in growing the dream, please visit Every donation counts.


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