Guardian Article on Terror in Cities Omits Israel 

knife terror attack
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Adam Levick at UK Media Watch reports that an expansive Guardian article published on Jan. 29 on the history of terror attacks in cities around the world includes a diverse array of examples. Yet it somehow manages to avoid any mention of the thousands of Palestinian terror attacks against Jews in Israeli cities, or Palestinian attacks on Jewish targets in Western cities.
Modern Palestinian terror “innovations,” such as the widespread use of suicide bombing go unmentioned.
{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. Do you think we can expect to see some tweets from Trump about fake news? Or he only complains about fake news when he is the subject if the news

    • @Yankel: The President tweets about issues that directly affect the US, and he is usually the subject (better, the victim) of most of the fake news he tweets about. So no, he probably won’t tweet about this because it’s out of his jurisdiction. Don Jr. has tweeted about the foreign news media’s biased reporting on Israel, though.


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