Guests at Yerushalayim Hotel Got Tossed for Peres Levayah VIPs

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Approximately 30 of the VIPs who came to Yerushalayim for the levayah of former President Shimon Peres stayed at the King David Hotel in Yerushalayim with their entourages.

In order to make room for these VIPs, some of the occupants of the rooms were tossed in favor of the various heads of state.

Hotel CEO Chaim Shkedi tried to explain away this move by the hotel, despite the prior reservations of the “regular,” non-VIP guests.

“Most of them understand the situation,” claimed Shkedi. “It also helps that this is Shimon Peres, a man whom everyone appreciated and admired. Everyone who cooperated with us in leaving the hotel said that they are doing it for Peres. It was really touching.”

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. What a phoney. I doubt there was a single word of truth in anything that guy said. No one kicked out of the hotel wanted to go, or thought that it was any sort of kovod hameis that a foreign dignitary got to stay at the King David Hotel.

  2. Oh please. People understand the situation, just like we understand overbooking on flights, even though we are not delighted when it concerns our seat. People get offered something, and usually plenty of people rush to give up their reservation. If that’s not enough, people get a higher offer. I am confident no one was forced to sleep on a bench or in their car, and that everyone who was inconvenienced received an adequate amount of ca$h, but if not — there are many attorneys out there.

  3. This bum is lying thru his teeth. Where in the world are those guests supposed to stay? On the street? What does he mean, they happily left?

  4. I guess king david gave them an opportunity to taste the Waldorf instead which will have them never to return to the king david again.


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