Guma Aguiar Honored as ‘Builder of Jerusalem’ by Aish HaTorah

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guma-aguiarYesterday, Aish HaTorah presented Guma Aguiar with its coveted “Builder of Jerusalem” Award at at the yeshiva’s 2009 Boneh Yerushalayim Awards dinner in Yerushalayim. Aguiar, 32, is a well-known Brazilian-US-Israeli energy tycoon who resides in Eretz Yisroel and has earned prominence for significant charitable contributions.

“We are pleased to recognize a man who has done so much for Jewish causes and Jerusalem,” said Aish HaTorah spokesperson Ephraim Shore, “We are very proud about Guma Aguiar’s participation in this red letter event on our calendar.”

Other honorees as the popular annual dinner were prominent attorney Yigal Arnon; Arnold Goldman, Chairman, Brightsource Energy; and Shai Agassi, CEO, Better Place.

Aguiar is founder and CEO of Leor Energy. The Brazilian-born billionaire moved to Yerushalayim two years ago.

{Yair Israel}


  1. Baruch Hashem she is a giyores by a kosher bais din. It might not be the best case, BUT she is now one of us, and is not a SHIKSA!

  2. The Chasam Sofer zt”l(1762-1839 issued a Psak that if a chicken is treif, its feathers are nevertheless permitted for benefit and use. I
    Are you the Posek who decided that his wife is currently not Jewish? Do you know for a fact that they are married? The questions and your answers are a lesson in Mussar.

  3. And it is certainly assur to take money in order to kasher his shikssahs fake gerut. He paid that fake gerut giving thousands of dollars to the person who made the gerut and building for the kiruv rabbi who enabled that rabbi. the shikssah never wanted to keep any mitzvahs and never kept anything.

  4. #7: I won’t comment on his wife’s status, but Aish hatorah has no hakpodas against honoring someone married to a nonJew – Kirk Douglas was their “Man of the Year” in the late 90s.

  5. guma’s wife was not converted khalacha. Other Rabbonim did NOT want to covnert her (even though they had to sacrifice themselves to denyher gerut) because she did not want to keep basic shabbat!

  6. Anyone who knows anything, knows that Aish does not move on contraversial stuff without asking the foremost gedolim, ie Rav Ekyashiv/ Rav Shteinman. The questionof who they honor will certainly have been discussed and okayed with at least one of the aforementioned rabbonim.
    Aishh palways stays within the boundaries of Halacha and daas Torah. they are ahead of the times a lot, which is why you will get morons commenting about them, as we have seen today, but always kosher, lemehadrin!!!

  7. Matzav is probably on Guma’s payroll. Matzav like many other websites will do anything for a dollar$$$$$$$
    Matzav is becoming less and less respected in the frum velt, preciselly because of this type of poor reporting. This Aguiar guy is a huge problem for klal israel for many reasons. Why matzav do you do this to yourselves for money$$$$$$$$$???????

  8. The whole thing is strange. Why is there no picture of Guma at the dinner? I have it from other sources that he was NOT *at* the dinner! and for good reason! Some people are working hard to kasher this shikssah at all costs so that they get $$$ by, by claiming that they are not the only one! His wife was NOT converted k’halacha and the people who helped on the gerut cannot kasher her in order to take from him.


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