Gun-Toting Man Robs Frum-Owned Store Near Lakewood, Frightening Shoppers

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Frum shoppers were scared out of their wits Monday night when a man with a gun ran in to a frum-owned shoe store in Howell, NJ, right outside the Lakewood border.

The gun-toting lunatic, said to be of Hispanic lineage, barged into Shoe Palace, located at 6951 Route 9, next to Athena’s Diner, and told everyone to get down as he approached an employee and demanded to be given all the money in the cash register.

All shoppers in the store fell to the ground in fear, with many whispering words of Tehillim, shaking from fright.

The man made off with the money he was given. He is still at large, with local police conducting an investigation.

Boruch Hashem, no one was injured in the incident.

{ Newscenter}


  1. Guns in NJ? Impossible! Concealed carry is practically outlawed in this wonderful liberal-totalitarian state. Gun control laws save lives – criminals’ lives that is.


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