H LEINER & Co. Offers Professional Placement in Hiring for Non-Profits

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H. LEINER & CO. Corporate & Nonprofit Solutions is announcing the launch of a new division that will focus on executive search and professional placement for the nonprofit sector.  There is a significant need for this service and the decision to expand into this niche market is in response to the sheer demand. In its decade of service to over 350 Jewish nonprofits across the globe, H. LEINER & CO.has provided expert consulting in fundraising, strategic planning, nonprofit branding, marketing and staffing. As clients become aware of the critical need for professional infrastructure and development to successfully sustain and grow their organizations, they seek skilled and capable executives who can lead the change. Yet, it has not been easy to find talented individuals with the right experience and skill sets.  A “search and discovery” is a full-time project that a busy organization may not have the time, energy, or resources to run. On the flip side, talented individuals who seek positions often have no way to connect to organizations that are looking to hire. They may be geographically distant, or simply lack the connections that would get them an introduction for a job even if they are fully qualified.

With his decades of experience in the non-profit world, Herschel Leiner brings the knowledge, expertise, and results-driven focus to identify and clarify an organization’s needs and to recognize superior talent and potential. H. LEINER & CO. is uniquely positioned to guide and assist organizations that are looking to grow, expand, or make staffing changes. Professionals who are looking to enter the field of executive leadership, or seasoned experts seeking new positions, are welcome to submit their resumes by email to [email protected]. Warmth, diplomacy, and discretion are hallmarks of the H. LEINER & CO. experience, and confidentiality is insured throughout the search and placement process.

Originally renowned for his winning seminars on development, branding, leadership and management of nonprofit organizations, Herschel Leiner’s popular “Dinner in a Day” and Capital Campaign seminars won hundreds of his clients soaring revenues by as much as 1200%. With a diverse team of talented professionals that are on the cutting edge of today’s fast-paced marketing environment, H. LEINER & CO.‘s track record of scores of successful clients has made it an icon in the field.  Constantly studying trends in the industry and blending it with decades of experience, Herschel Leiner brings fresh perspectives and solution-oriented ideas so leaders can walk away with the tools they need to aim higher. An authoritative voice in the field, H. LEINER & CO. produces the only publication dedicated to Jewish nonprofit leaders, as well as a weekly eblast to thousands of organizations across the globe, to empower leadership, management and excellence in this field.




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