Haaretz: Israel’s Policy on Not Returning the Bodies of Terrorists “Unnecessary”

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According to an editorial in Ha’aretz, delaying the burials of the bodies of Palestinian terrorists is “unnecessary abuse” and “collective punishment.”

Ha’aretz once again echoes liberal sentiments in matters like these, missing the bigger picture and the underlying reasons for such a policy.

Gilad Erdan, Israel’s minister of public security, in an editorial in, ironically, Ha’aretz itself, says that “Haaretz is siding with the families of terrorists” and that “instead of lowering the flames of Palestinian incitement to terror,” the Haaretz editorial fanned the flames.

Erdan goes on to explain that the reason for a delay in returning bodies is to prevent the funerals from turning into mass demonstrations of incitement, provoking young people who take part and hear the songs of praise for the martyr to join the circle of terrorism themselves. Moreover, many funerals have descended into riots and clashes with the security forces, ending in deaths.

Families that agreed to hold small-scale funerals, adhering to all the rules of ritual and religion without turning the burials into inflammatory demonstrations, received the bodies of their sons without delay.

David Steger – Matzav.com Israel / Photo: Ma’an News


  1. Keeping their bodies for no purpose would be cruel to their families, unnecessary and no one would support it. But is it unnecessary? Might not returning the bodies discourage future terrorism, even slightly? Can the bodies of terrorists be used to pressure Hamas to return the bodies of Jews? We’re not a cruel people, but there are very valid reasons (including those mentioned in the article itself) for not returning dead terrorists.


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