Haaretz More Biased Against Jews Than Arab Media


haaretzHaaretz is thoroughly biased – against Jews.

Al Arabiya:

Al Bawaba:



A headline takes from Haaretz. Photo: Elders of Ziyon.

While Arab media at least put scare quotes around “attacks” or changes the word to the less inflammatory “provocations,” Haaretz not only kept that phrase but also the absurd accusation that the only Jews who ascend to the Temple Mount are “settlers.” The third outrage, of course, is that Haaretz calls it “Al Aqsa” instead of “Har HaBayit” or “Temple Mount.”

The article itself is just as biased:

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas said his administration would take legal action “at the international level” to stop Jewish settlers from attacking the Al-Aqsa mosque compound, which Jews refer to as the Temple Mount.

Al-Aqsa is the real name, the Temple Mount (which predates Islam by quite a few centuries) is only what the Jews call it.

The area – the third-holiest site to Muslims and the holiest site in Judaism – routinely sees fighting between the two sides, with the Israel Police in the middle.

An absolute lie. The Jews who visit never fight anyone, the only aggression – literally 100 percent of the aggression – comes from the Muslims.

Haaretz is thoroughly biased – against Jews.


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