Hafgana In Bnei Brak Over Continued Detention Of Yeshiva Bochur

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Peleg is demonstrating this afternoon at the intersection of Hashomer-Jabotinsky streets, one of the main entrances to Bnei Brak, in protest against the continued detention of a defector yeshiva student.

The youths block the traffic artery, as they did in the past, making loud calls against the army and the “draft law.”

The policemen have already made several arrests and are trying to evict the demonstrators from the roads.

Before the demonstration began, the police announced that it was “prepared to protest and act to ensure the safety, security and safety of the participants and, no less important, to ensure that the protest does not harm the routine of the general public. The freedom of speech and protest of any citizen who desires it, but we will not allow any disturbance of order and will act resolutely against violence of any kind. ”

As for the roadblocks following the demonstration, the police reported that traffic congestion was expected on the following streets: Jabotinsky Street from Ben Gurion to the east, the Yetsira road in Petach Tikva to the west, Jabotinsky Street in the section between Ben Gurion and the Geha junction, Which is also expected to be closed to vehicular traffic from Abarbanel Street to Jabotinsky.




  1. Are the Rabbinic leaders of the Peleg in attendance at these protests or do they feel it is only incumbent upon the teenaged Yeshiva bachurim to lay down in the streets and be dragged off by the police?

    Is there a reason why only young men, who ostensibly would otherwise be sitting by their shtenders in Yeshiva, must endure the skunk spray used by the police to disperse illegal protests while those who have declared themselves to be the “Moetzes Gedolei Olam HaTorah” are nowhere to be seen?

    My guess is, that since there are but a few precious leaders, they must be extra vigilant to protect themselves so that the Peleg movement is not left like a ship without a rudder to aimlessly act without rhyme or reason as they are mechalel shem shamayim.

    May we be zoche to see a return to full adherence to the directives of the Gedolei HaDor and the return of the wayward Pelegists to the mainstream olam HaTorah…


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