Halachos L’Kavod Tu B’Shevat


fruitsIt is customary for Ashkenazic Yidden to eat different varieties of fruits on Tu B’Shevat, as this day is the Rosh Hashanah for fruit trees (meaning that the “year” regarding ma’aser and arlah is counted from this day) (Magein Avraham, Orach Chaim, Siman 131:16).

Some people have the custom to eat an esrog (or esrog jelly) on Tu B’Shevat (Likutei MaHarich).

It is also customary to daven on Tu B’Shevat for a beautiful, kosher esrog on the following Sukkos (Bnei Yissochor, Shevat 2:2)

The seforim write that the words “Chamisha Asar B’Shevat” have the same gematriah (numerical value) as the words “Lekavein Al Esrog Lulav Hadas Aravah (to have in mind for Esrog, Lulav, Hadassim and Aravos)”

The Ben Ish Chai even wrote special Tefilah for this (CLICK HERE for the text of the tefillah).

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