Haley: Sanders’s Vow To Divert US Aid Money From Israel To Gaza Is ‘Unreal’


Former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley criticized Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders on Monday for proposing to divert some of the United States’ military aid to Israel towards humanitarian relief in the Gaza Strip.

“Just when you thought Bernie Sanders couldn’t get any more radical, he outdid himself,” Haley wrote on Twitter. “He wants to take money we give to Israel to defend itself from terrorists, and give it to Gaza, which is run by terrorists?? Unreal. Why isn’t every other Dem pres candidate saying he’s wrong?”

Speaking at the annual J Street conference in Washington, D.C., on Monday, Sanders said the Netanyahu government was “racist,” and that to say so was not anti-Semitic.

“It is not anti-Semitism to say that the Netanyahu government has been racist. That’s a fact.”

“I would use the leverage of $3.8 billion,” said Sanders, referring to the 10-year Memorandum of Understanding between the United States and Israel negotiated by former President Barack Obama. “It is a lot of money, and we cannot give it, carte blanche, to the Israeli government, or for that matter, to any government at all. We have a right to demand respect for human rights and democracy.”




  1. This guy has totally lost it. Look what he says in the last line of the article.
    We have a right to demand respect for human rights and democracy.”
    Is this a one way street? only Israel has to respect human rights? Its shocking the 4 lunatics called the squad get into congress and these candidates try to out do each other in supporting the Palistinians. Why don’t they talk about pay for slay? How gaza shoots rockets at innocent civilians?

  2. Sanders “We have a right to demand respect for human rights and democracy.”

    Solution? Give money to people with no democracy or human rights at all

  3. Bernie SLANDERS, has also conveniently forgotten, that Israel is also required to spend 74% of its military aid, in the USA.

    Also, when Israel spends its aid in the USA, it supports American companies like Boeing, and Raytheon, and boosts the USA economy. I guess that Bernie wants to prevent American companies from getting some extra business. Sad, how he would undermine American companies.


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