Half-Century Legacy Continues

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For over fifty years, Mifal Torah VoDaas has been providing vital support to underprivileged Israeli youth, giving them love, guidance and encouragement that their overworked families cannot provide.

In hundreds of Israeli neighborhoods, children leave school in the early afternoon, but they do not have a home environment to return to.

Burdened by abject poverty, their parents must work until late at night, and these children are left to their own devices, woefully vulnerable to the pernicious influences of the street.

Over fifty years ago, Rav Binyomin Wilhelm, the legendary founder of Yeshivah Torah VoDaas, was moved by their plight and founded Mifal Torah VoDaas to provide these children with desperately-needed structure. Rav Binyomin considered Mifal to be his crowning achievement and charged his descendants with ensuring that it would continue to save these children from abandonment.

Throughout the decades, Rav Binyomin’s family has taken up that challenge, and Mifal has grown, allowing these children to thrive and succeed.

Now, Rav Binyomin’s grandchildren are running a 36-hour campaign, with a goal of raising $360,000 to allow Mifal’s vital activities to continue. This campaign will conclude in a few hours; please click HERE and give generously. Tizku L’Mitzvos!


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