Half Of City Drivers Speed While Checking Their Phones: Study


About half of city drivers speed through the five boroughs while staring at their cellphones, a troubling new study has found, the NEW YORK POST reports.

Drivers speed more than 45 percent of the time in the Big Apple, and half of them look at their phones at some point while doing so, according to a report by Cambridge Mobile Telematics, which offers an app to motorists to track their road habits.

In July alone, there were 19,384 crashes on city streets, and cops cited driver inattention or distraction as a factor in 5,947 — or 31 percent — of them, according to NYPD statistics. Read more at the NEW YORK POST.



  1. This is an issue of concern for all people, including the frum community.

    We need increased traffic calming measures, street re/design for more safety for pedestrians, cyclists, skaters, scooter riders, and increased enforcement by police against dangerous drivers.


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