Half of Israel Regard Government Corrupt

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Fifty-three percent of Israelis consider their country’s overall situation as good or very good. But 47 percent regard Israel’s governing bodies as corrupt.

The findings were reported in the 16th annual Israel Democracy Index issued by the Guttman Center for Public Opinion.

Conducted among 1,041 respondents, the survey found that people regard the national government most corrupt (72 percent) followed by municipalities (69 percent), the Knesset (69 percent), Jewish/Muslim/Christian religious courts (66 percent) the media (58 percent), police (46 percent), Supreme Court (35 percent) and army (23 percent).

Guttman Center head Prof. Tamar Hermann said that trust in government is generally low in democracies. In the US, for example, trust in Congress ranges between eight and 12 percent.

Fifty-two percent of Israelis think that Israel’s ongoing corruption investigations indicate a strong democracy while 40 percent think the opposite.

On the World Bank’s Rule of Law Index, Israel’s corruption ranking dropped three places since last year. It remained among the top least corrupt nations, coming 39th out of 209 countries and 22nd among OECD countries.

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