Half Of Israelis Don’t Want Chareidi Neighbors

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In a poll ahead of International Toleration Day, half of 500 Israelis surveyed said that it would bother them to have chareidi neighbors and 25 percent of those said it would bother them a lot.

Asked what they felt about living next to released prisoners, 81 percent said it would bother them and 37 percent of those said it would bother them a lot.

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  1. They play bucket games. Our dust for their antisemitism. If doctors knew this as a symptom we might excel. The inner hate of jews to refuse defending Torah values is the world that defends the abomination. Symptom of crowd bias hate.

    Mention vast paganophobia. They are demonic.

    War is easier. Dry beds no bible. Ask not the to be.

  2. in ‘Reb Shoomo’, Book about RAV SHLOMO FREIFELD ZTL ..mayber read somewhere else, a talmud asked him what to do about a neighbor ISRAELI couple who were so farbissen against torah etc even YOM KIPPUR they didnt want to hear of. He told him ‘do nothng! What the talmud? exclaimed…his REBBE answerd, yes, nothing .Just set example and be very nice .DONT mention ANYTHING about religion…and thats what they did and finally The ISRAELI couple thawed and the end YES< they became shomrei torah

  3. “bothered to have chareidi neighbors” does not amount to ‘hate’.

    Let diff cultures live in their own neighborhoods. We are not interested in seeing chillul shabbos and pritzus right in our backyard, and they are not interested in you burning chametz, blocking streets etc…

  4. All you know-it-all commentators obviously don’t live in Israel, and you have no idea of the reality. Due to the high cost of apartments in the Chareidi centers many couples are moving out to mixed communities. I myself live in such a community. Despite all the propaganda, we live in peace with our non-religious neighbors. It’s the media that stirs up all the trouble. They do some things that I don’t like, or sometimes they get upset at one of us, but that doesn’t preclude us from living civilly together. There may be a few rotten apples, but they are a small minority, despite what the media loves to report.

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