Half Wages For Chareidi Women

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A Channel 10 investigation discussed the well-known fact that chareidi women working in hi-tech receive only half and sometimes even a third of the salary of their secular counterparts. This is because they prefer to work in workplaces with gender separation that are near their homes. Hours are adjusted to enable them to care for their large families.

Taking advantage of chareidi women’s special needs, many companies pay them inferior salaries even after they gain training and experience, regarding them as cheap “off shore” workers available on Israeli soil.

A few hundred chareidi women have left their poor paying jobs in order to earn normal salaries elsewhere. But thousands stay put to avoid exposing themselves to a secular environment.

One company, Teldor Cables and Systems Ltd., told Channel 10 that it was breaking the trend and will pay its chareidi workers normal salaries after they acquire requisite training and experience.



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