Hamas Celebrates 3 Men Who Married Widows Of ‘Martyred’ Terrorist Brothers


hamasThe Hamas terrorist movement organized a ceremony this weekend at the Nuseirat camp in the central Gaza Strip to make public the signing of marriage contracts of three widows whose husbands “died martyrs” during the last Israeli military offensive.

Each of the three widows has married a brother of her husband.

Senior Hamas official Mahmoud Zahhar attended the ceremony along with a group of Hamas officials from the central Gaza Strip.

“This is God’s will on Earth as Jihad and resistance will continue until the liberation of al-Quds (Jerusalem) and every span of the hand of Palestinian land. Martyrs leave life but their message remains eternal.”

Zahhar applauded the brothers who decided to fulfill the trust left by their brothers who “died martyrs” in the war. He said that “this pleasant marriage is a tool of happiness despite the wounds.”

Similarly, Hamas-affiliated lawmaker Abd al-Rahman al-Jamal applauded the marriage describing it as the first fruit of a good deed.

“Let’s address this major issue in our society and help those noble widows whose husbands died martyrs defending the dignity of the nation and Palestine.”

He added that “martyrs leave and others who remain alive remain faithful to them through marrying their widows.”

The Hamas terrorist group decided to reward the grooms by allocating a financial present to each of them to help them with marriage expenses and to honor them.

The grooms are Adnan Abd al-Rahman Yasin, who married the widow of his twin brother Rashad, Muhammad Abd al-Hamid Abu al-Roos, who married the widow of his brother Zuhdi and Tariq Ziad Abu Ammuna who married the widow of his brother Naji.

None of the three brothers in the Hamas ceremony were previously married.


{Matzav.com Israel}



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