Hamas Distances Itself From Official Who Urged Murder Of ‘Jews Everywhere’

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The Hamas terrorist organization attempted to distance itself on Monday from comments by a senior official in the group last week, who called for members of the Palestinian diaspora to kill Jews around the world.

The Islamist terror group sworn to Israel’s destruction made the move following a flurry of condemnations of its senior official Fathi Hammad, including by a top Palestine Liberation Organization official, a United Nations envoy, and a number of Palestinian activists.

“These statements do not represent the movement’s official positions and consistent, adopted policies that stipulate that our conflict is with the occupation, which is occupying our land and sullying our holy sites, and not with Jews around the world or with Judaism as a religion,” Hamas said in an official statement posted on its website.

“The just values of the Palestinian cause include love for freedom, justice and equality. The repugnant statement of Hamas leader Mr. Fathi Hammad about Jews doesn’t represent any of them,” Erekat tweeted. “Religion shouldn’t be used for political purposes.”

Read more at Times of Israel.



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