Hamas Gives 10-Month-Old Israeli Hostage To Separate Palestinian Terror Group: ‘More Psychological Torture’

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A 10-month-old Israeli boy, the youngest hostage taken by Hamas, and his family have been transferred to another Palestinian terror group, according to reports. Concerned relatives are characterizing this move as “just more psychological torture,” fearing that the children are being held as a “trophy.”

Avichay Adraee, an Arabic spokesman for the Israel Defense Forces, disclosed on Monday night that the Bibas family, consisting of infant Kfir, his 4-year-old brother Ariel, and their parents Yarden and Shiri Bibas, is now held captive in the southern city of Khan Younis by a different Palestinian faction. The Bibas boys were not slated for release amid the ongoing hostage liberation in recent days.

Ofri Bibas, Yarden’s sister and Kfir and Ariel’s aunt, renewed her pleas for the family’s release in the next exchange, emphasizing the urgency due to the impending end of the current ceasefire. Expressing deep concern, she stated, “At the moment, they are the youngest hostages still remaining in Hamas captivity,” revealing uncertainty about their whereabouts and conditions. Ofri emphasized the 10-month-old’s reliance on formula as the primary diet, urging the involvement of the Israeli government, Qatar, and Egypt in securing their release.

Eylon Keshet, Kfir’s father’s cousin, questioned the rationale behind Hamas targeting a baby, asking, “Is baby Kfir the enemy of Hamas?” Highlighting the unprecedented nature of this situation, Keshet expressed disbelief over the abduction of a 9-month-old infant.

Adraee, in a public statement, aimed to intensify pressure on terror leaders to release the boys before the extended temporary truce’s end on Wednesday. He described the infants under one year old detained in Hamas prison, treated as “spoils” and sometimes handed over to other terrorist organizations. The Bibas family, known as ‘The Reds,’ was kidnapped during the October 7 attack and is currently held in Khan Yunis by a Palestinian faction.

Khan Younis, where the Bibas family is reportedly held, is expected to be a target for Israeli attacks once the temporary ceasefire expires. Speculation arises that Hamas strategically moved the infant to extend the truce. The Bibas family, comprising four members, was among the 240 hostages taken during Hamas’s deadly October 7 assault on Israel.

A video circulated on social media depicts kindergarten teacher Shiri Silberman-Bibas holding her sons as the family is abducted. The family, initially seeking refuge in a safe room, faced the terrorists’ descent. Noah Abrahams, the children’s aunt, characterized this recent development in the family’s captivity as “just more psychological torture,” emphasizing the uncertainty and the heartbreak of unfulfilled hopes for a reunion.

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